How-To: Spring Closet Clean Out

Before  After

 1. Get rid up of the clutter 

- Get rid of any dirty clothes and put them in the wash. 

- Go through each section of your closet and get rid of any clothes you would like to donate or resell

  • Tip: Go in sections start with tops, then bottoms, jackets etc. 
  • Tip: If you haven't worn it in over 12 months get rid of it
  • Resell app I use: Vinted

2. Reorganize the mess

- Figure out a way that works for you and your closet to keep your clothes organized

  • For example: My closet it organized by - season, sleeve length, sweaters, jackets, loungewear, dresses, and work clothes. 

3. Be intentional with your wardrobe 

- Pick a color scheme or theme for your wardrobe. Keep in mind when you are shopping for mew styles that if you can't already make an outfit with the other clothes in your closet you probably wont ever wear it. 

What's you color scheme? 



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